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Try coming back with someone.
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We will roll about in the grass, sleep in the sun, take a bath of silence. We will eat many blackberries. Sticky and completely stained, colored, slightly disguised, masked: neither too close nor too frightened to meet each other. Us, who? Our surroundings will help us to rediscover each other without being seized by panic, despite our metamorphoses.

Perhaps we will embrace each other with our eyes, unite our voices, barely brush against each other: picking blackberries, pirouetting on the grass. We will communicate in the smell off the fields, of the woods, in the damp and burning each of the midday hours, in the taste of fruit. Perhaps we will not be two, not really two, but we will be alright, a bit relaxed, a bit closer. We will send each other several signals or signs of recognition, to be deciphered later, during our trips, for example. Unless we are dreaming. Who knows?

It is possible that a great deal of time will be necessary to interpret these gestures of ours. When they are deciphered, will we not be forever distanced from each other? We are too preoccupied with knowing what is taking place between us. We speak of this or that thing, we know about it more or less, we still enquire about it, and communicate in these mutual revelations. But to us and about us, what do we say? Sometimes, exasperated by such silence, one throws onself upon the other or rob him of his secret. Disappointed, we return to what has been communicated to us as news of the day, of the week, of the month. Nothing has been said about the truth of what we are. And this outburst has not left me the time to taste your skin.

But, Sunday, weariness will spare us of such fruitless attempts. We will be immersed in the happy and drowsy inertia of a lazy afternoon. The air, the sun, the grass will touch us, will speak to us: we will allow ourselves to languish in this work of nature. For us, the week will be finished and we will do nothing.

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Excerpt from To Be Two by Luce Irigaray, 2001. Audio recorded at the Rocky Mountain National park, made available by the National Park Service, 2016.